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"Experience matters and with being elected for 28 years in Jackson County, I have plenty of experience. I pride myself on being able to work with many diverse groups to produce the best outcomes. Through working with others, you are able to get things done for the people in your district. I am confident that I will have a working relationship with all 12 and the Mayor so we will be able to help the great people of the 6th District."


• Real Experience • Positive Results • No-nonsense Leader • Best Ideas
• Consensus Builder • Taxpayer Watchdog


Overseeing OUR tax dollars smartly. It’s your money that needs to be spent efficiently and it is not unlimited.

A board member of 3 & 2 Baseball, KC Zoo District, Truman Medical Center (now University Health), Union Station/Bi-State and Jackson County 4th District.


A hard worker with a business background. Dan knows the value of an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay.


Dan is endorsed by Law Enforcement and the Unions of Jackson County and many other organizations. Click here to see more

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